Johnny is proud to make available to Trainers, Coaches and Fitness Entrepreneurs the American Gladiators brand; one the most well recognized and respected brands around the globe today.

As Creator and the driving life force behind the American Gladiators brand and the founder of American Gladiators Fitness.  Johnny, a strong-minded entrepreneur with a long list of notable business accomplishments from health clubs to entertainment. The American Gladiators TV program was syndicated in approximately 215 U.S. markets, and aired in over 90 countries, aired for seven years in first run syndication with format shows in over 7 countries.

Here are just some of Johnny’s accomplishments:

  • Creator of  the American Gladiators classic TV series from 1989- 1996.
  • Creator/Executive Producer of the 2008-2009 NBC primetime series.
  • Creator and the leading force responsible for the American Gladiators 114 city arena Live National Tour”.
  • Created  “G2000” TV series the children’s TV series developed with the American Gladiators theme and keeping with Mind, Body and Spirit as its intended goal hosted by Ryan Seacrest.
  • Executive Producer of the American Gladiators music CD.
  • Created and responsible for the the American Gladiators “Monster Truck” national arena tour.
  • Creator and Executive Producer of the New American Gladiators TV series now in development.
  • Creator and Executive Producer of the American Gladiators Animated TV series now in development.
  • Creator and Executive producer of the American Gladiators Movie which is currently in development for the big screen.
  • Creator / Executive Producer American Gladiators Fitness Challenge
  • Founder of American Gladiators Fitness

Worldwide Licensor for Martial arts and MMA Training Schools.

Tokey Hill is an icon in both the martial arts, and sports entertainment worlds. Known not only as a professional athlete, but an esteemed coach and promoter as well, Tokey has a unique and multifaceted insight into the intertwining worlds of competing, coaching, and promoting. In 1980, he made history in Madrid, Spain by becoming the first American to ever win the WKF World Championships. To date, he has won more international medals than any other karate practitioner in the United States. Years later, Tokey became the National Coach for the USKF. He quickly became the Head Coach for the USA/NKF and ultimately advanced into the position of Coach’s Committee Chair.

In 1999, Tokey became the United States Olympic Committee’s Coach of the Year due to his coaching performance at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada. Having 11 of his athletes go on to win nine medals, (five gold, one silver, and three bronze) Tokey’s squad was named the Best Coached of the entire delegation. After an unparalleled career as both a professional athlete and coach, Tokey is taking on the challenge of the next phase in his personal and professional life.

Currently pursuing a career in sports, fitness and entertainment, he has proven himself as among the most prominent names in the business. Maintaining his ambition and competitive edge, Tokey will once again prove his excellence by continuing to take sports, fitness and entertainment to the next level.

Tokey will be happy to assist you on how you can Co-Brand the American Gladiators Fitness into your Dojo or MMA training facility.

Coach George Naum, BS, CSCS, NSCA, CAPT, CPT, NASM:

Coach George Naum returns to the USA after serving as the Head Coach and General Manager of the Carinthian Lions American Football professional franchise in Austria. After taking the Carinthian Lions from the Austrian Football League doormat team, who won just one League game in 2011, to the Division and Silver Bowl Champions in 2012. Coach Naum received a B.S. degree in Health Sciences and Physical Education from Boston University. In his 30-year career, Coach Naum has built, owned and operated 12 health, fitness and personal training facilities. While attending graduate school at California State University, Northridge, Coach Naum was hired as Strength and Conditioning and Linebacker Coach for the CSUN football team. In 1989 George met and married Mandy Tanny, part of the legendary gym pioneer family of Vic and Armand Tanny. Together they started TANNY’S PERSONAL FITNESS Clubs, building and operating five personal training centers in Southern California. Coach Naum’s clubs have ranged from 1500 square feet to his biggest multi-use 28 acre facility. Since 2003, Coach Naum has been designing and developing health, fitness, and wellness facilities on a national scale. He now comes to the American Gladiator Fitness with his wide range of experience in owning and operating successful health and fitness clubs


Licensing Specialist

Andrew Levine brings more than 30 years of direct experience in the health and fitness industry to AGF. His award-winning career started in college as a certified trainer at the world renown Gainesville Health and Fitness Center, owned and operated by Joe Cirulli, a former IHRSA President and recipient of the Club Industry Magazine Lifetime Achievement award.

Upon graduating with honors from the University of Florida with a degree in advertising, Mr. Levine co founded Westwood Fitness, a 20,000 sq ft.  fitness center in Tallahassee Florida. After retaining his equity in the facility Mr. Levine moved on to the position of Marketing Director for Jeff Arthur Productions, a muti-Clio award winning advertising production company. During his tenure Mr. Levine won more than 30 local, state and national “Addy” awards through the American Advertising Federation. He received a national Addy award for a Gold’s Gym syndicated campaign which was incorporated by more than 70 facilities throughout North America. He also received a national Addy award for his creative work for Nautilus Sports Medical Industries.

Returning full time to his fitness roots in 1987, Mr. Levine has served as a managing partner for Ray Wilson and the Family Fitness Center chain which merged to become the original 24 hour fitness. He has subsequently held the position of Vice President for Lifestyle Family Fitness, a highly respected club chain founded by former IHRSA president Geoff Dyer. He has also been Vice President of sales and marketing for Synergy Fitness in New York and several World Gyms in Southern California.

As a consultant Mr. Levine has worked for the Baker Leisure Group on their Hard Rock Gym project for Hard Rock Cafe International; he helped create the AussieFit brand of clubs in Ohio, he has worked with the U.S National Karate Team and the National Personal Training Institute as well as several other fitness and hospitality based industry clients.

Mr. Levine also co founded, an online marketing company which supplied management, sales and promotional services to personal training schools, fitness centers, studios and individual personal trainers.

Mr. Levine has been a featured speaker at the Retail Advertising Conference, Club Industry trade show, Gold’s Gym international convention, The Special Olympics and the Faust Management Roundtable.

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