AMERICAN GLADIATORS FITNESS is searching for experienced, qualified, properly credentialed fitness professionals to own their own Official American Gladiators FitClub (AGF.) If this sounds like you—read on!
Our name says it all.
American Gladiators Fitness
We are the arenas.
We are the trainers.
We are the champions.Our clients aspire.
Our clients are health-minded.
Our clients are energetic about life.
Our clients are competitors within themselves. . .
and there is no finish line.


We are American Gladiators Fitness…fitness and training for the 21st Century.

With public awareness from over 86 countries and the widely acclaimed competitive sports television program—the American Gladiators brand has immediate, visceral and widespread appeal. Over 100 million people were exposed to the TV program in the United States alone. The name continues to bring to mind the superior strength, mental fortitude and the competitive spirit that exists not only in the U.S. but around the world.

AGF is determined to become the number one chain of licensed fitness centers worldwide serving consumers with competitive mind-sets, will, and determination to always be their best in fitness, health, sports and in their careers.
AGF will grant licenses to only experienced and qualified trainers and instructors.

Each individual in the American Gladiators Fitness organization and all of the company’s staff has been actively involved in the formation of this vision. We are committed to insuring that all of our licensees, our employees, and every one of our customers is treated with the utmost personal and professional attention. We will always strive to stay abreast of the changing needs and thru our vendors you will be on top of the latest programs and curricula designed to help your members achieve their fitness and health goals.

American Gladiators Fitness has analyzed the needs of the ever-evolving American consumer and believes that owning an American Gladiators Fitness FitClub will ideally position you to capture your share of this $14 billion dollar industry.

How AGF Views The Future.

The fitness and training industry has under gone a dramatic shift from the body building era of selectorized machines to a stronger focus on so called “core fitness” and utilizing open space for modalities like kettlebells, bodyweight training, primal movements, agility drills, sandbags, ropes and more.  This dramatic shift also reduces out of pocket costs significantly. Nonetheless. . .the cost of owning certain, well-known franchised fitness facilities still runs into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Potential franchisees need to qualify by having a huge net worth, become personally responsible for huge overhead and—to top it off—you’re told how to run the business their way and not yours.

What’s wrong with that picture?

AGF offers a much simpler license program: You have the advantage of tapping into one of most prolific brands ever created—and you run your business your way.

We keep it simple and cover the basics. We can recommend thru our preferred vendors, the best educational programming for you.  Through our relationships with only the best vendors in the fitness industry, AGF is able to offer you an introductory package that will get you on your way to owning and operating your own officially licensed American Gladiators FitClub.


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