Each American Gladiators FitClub may offer AGF official licensed American Gladiators merchandise such as shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more. AGF is proud to encourage licensees to take advantage of the reach, power and international name recognition of the American Gladiators brand and one of the best ways to generate supplemental income and promote your business is through merchandising.

In addition to selling gear to your members and guests, you can also use merchandise for complimentary marketing premiums to help promote referrals, membership, personal training, up-selling and renewal sales. Your AGF-branded merchandise can also be used to promote your AGF FitClub at various contests and competitive events.

Note: AGF licensed merchandise can only be purchased at an officially licensed American Gladiators FitClubs.
It will not be on sale to the general public, or sold on-line, or available in any store.

Selected Merchandise Available To Licensees

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